Kuang Ming Benevolent Organization Introduction


Our organization has been operating for 21 years, and its success has been due to the enthusiasm of the Jigong Living Buddha in 1993. The public has been deeply moved by the public and willing to respond. Working together in the United States to establish a model temple of the Baiyang Era, which belongs to heaven and all beings

                                                                 Three Laws

In order to help everyone work together to build a temple, the Jigong Living Buddha is worried about the personnel problem and is worried that it will be a foregone conclusion.

I. This temple is not for any altar, Anyone, or any transmitter/master to be privately owned.

2. Whether it is registered in the name of a private or public group, this temple still belongs to the sentient beings of heaven.

3. Regardless of any disputes in the future, quarrels or any disagreements, we can not give up this temple. We must take it bravely.


The United States and the Dojo in the permanent peace of the world, for the sake of the cultivator, there is a solemn treasure of Zen. Through the tangible temples, the invisible magic is the blessing of the world.

♦ Temple site: West Milford, New Jersey Covering 45 acres is a secluded land. Welcome to the buddha. Please contact the US East Road Public Relations Team.